Spatial Data Infrastructure

We have expertise to build spatial infrastructure for any organisation from the scrach. We help to plan and build GIS & Remote Sensing infrastructure. We understand how the federal, state and local government build and share their spatial knowledge and thus to liason with.

Mapping Solutions

We provide complete mapping solutions starting from conversion of analog maps to digital to feature extraction from remotely sensed data. We also expertise in spatial data integration with existing databases.

Catchment-wide solutions

We provide catchment-wide solutions to deal with local problems which are indeed contributed by the upstream areas in the catchment. We provide solutions that point to source of the problem than the temporary fix.

LiDAR data handling

We adopt "divide and rule" policy to deal with large datasets like LiDAR and we have gained huge experience to deal with such datasets. Similarly extraction of information from high resolution aerial photos is also tedious but we also have experise to deal with unwanted detail.

Web-GIS solutions

We have expertise to build Web-GIS solutions which are either GIS centric or Work flow centric. We use open source for this while we can also develop using industry stardard packages.

Crisis Management

We conduct Brainstorming sessions to deal with growing needs of large chunks of LiDAR data.

- There will never be enough space.

- Meet tomorrow's challenge today.