A company with experienced experts in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing.

Our expertise include LiDAR-based Spatial modelling, feature extraction (trees, roofs, building footprints, land cover features) using high resolution spatial data, flood inundation mapping, landscape modelling, WSUD modelling, directly connected impervious (DCI) modelling, Web-GIS development, forest strcuture, understorey and overstorey mapping, etc.


Urban Forest Model

Developed for City of Melbourne (need access).

Melbourne flood model

Developed for City of Melbourne (need access).

Building footprints mapping

Developed for Melbourne Water.


The essence of our services is "spatial data integration". Along with newly derived datasets, we will also make use of many existing datasets those can used for multi-criteria analysis. The following are the list of major projects:

Flood Modelling
Mapping Projects
GIS Analysis
Visualisation Projects